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Effortless Beauty: The Essence of Ombre Brows

Welcome to the world of Ombre Brows, where natural beauty meets skillful craftsmanship. Embrace the art of subtle transformation as we bring your eyebrows to life through meticulous shading techniques. Ombre Brows offer a timeless and versatile option that enhances your features while maintaining a soft, everyday appeal.

The Essence of Ombre Brows

A distinctive aspect of Ombre Brows is their universal suitability across all skin types and ages. Whether you have fair or deep skin tones, or you’re in your youthful years or embracing your wisdom, Ombre Brows effortlessly adapt to your unique characteristics. The versatile shading technique ensures that these brows complement and enhance every individual’s natural beauty, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking a timeless and ageless transformation.

The Benefits:

1. Natural Transition: Ombre Brows boast a gentle transition from light to dark, replicating the natural progression of your own brows.

2. Personalised Precision: Juariz tailors the shade and shape to harmonise with your unique facial contours, ensuring a look that’s distinctly you.

3. Minimal Upkeep: Wake up to effortlessly polished brows that require minimal touch-ups, freeing up your valuable time

4. Adaptability: Ombre Brows effortlessly complement various styles, making them suitable for any setting, from casual to formal.

5. Long-Lasting Elegance: Enjoy the grace of Ombre Brows that maintain their charm for up to two years, a testament to their enduring allure.

The Process: From Consultation to Confidence

Embark on your Ombre Brows journey with a personalised consultation, during which we collaboratively define your desired outcome and shape. Through a precise layering technique, we delicately apply pigments, achieving the perfect blend of tones. Every step is infused with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both your comfort and satisfaction.


Frequently asked questions

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Ombre Brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique that involves creating a soft gradient effect, starting lighter at the front of the brows and gradually deepening towards the tail. This technique mimics the appearance of naturally shaded brows.

While both techniques enhance eyebrows, Ombre Brows use a shading technique to achieve a gradient effect, while microblading involves creating hair-like strokes. Ombre Brows often result in a slightly softer and more filled-in look compared to the defined strokes of microblading.

Another big difference between Ombre Brows and Microblading is the fact that anyone can have Ombre Brows done, while Microblading is not suitable for all skin types and hair types. 

Ombre Brows typically last between 2 to 3 years, depending on individual skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle factors. Periodic touch-ups every 12 months help maintain their vibrancy.

Ombre Brows are generally considered less painful compared to microblading due to the shading technique used.  Medical grade numbing cream is applied before the procedure to minimise any discomfort. Most clients fall asleep while getting the procedure done. 

Ombre Brows are customised to your preferences and facial features. During your consultation, Juariz will collaborate with you to select the most flattering shape and shade that complements your natural beauty. Every client is fully informed during the decision making process - there are no surprises!

The duration varies but typically takes around 2 to 2 and a half hours. This includes consultation, numbing, mapping, and the actual shading process. The meticulous approach ensures the best possible result.

Yes, Ombre Brows are designed to look natural. While the shading technique mimics the appearance of make up, Juariz's technique ensures that the result is a soft and subtle enhancement.

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