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Elevate your daily beauty routine to a realm of sheer convenience and captivating allure with Juariz, your masterful guide into the world of permanent makeup. Situated in the heart of Pretoria East, our studio brings the magic of permanent makeup to busy women like you.

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Elevate Your Look with the Artistry of Permanent Makeup


Where confidence and convenience meet

Step into a world where your confidence effortlessly shines, and your daily routine becomes a canvas of convenience. At Juariz Aesthetics and Permanent Make Up in Pretoria East, our services are designed to enhance your natural allure while fitting seamlessly into your dynamic lifestyle.

Lip Blush
Say goodbye to lipstick for good. Elevate your smile with a touch of sophistication as our expert application technique enhances the shape and colour of your lips.
Ombrè Brows
The art of gradual shading, where meticulously blended tones create natural-looking eyebrows that frame your face effortlessly.
A technique that crafts hair-like strokes for defined and beautifully shaped eyebrows.
Accentuates your eyes according to your unique style and features with beautifully placed eyeliner.
Hybrid Brows
Combining the artistry of microblading's hair-like strokes with the soft shading of ombre, we craft brows that exude a natural fullness and depth, beautifully tailored to your unique features.
Embark on a journey of gradual and safe tattoo removal, where unwanted ink is gently faded, offering you the opportunity for a fresh canvas.
Unlocking Beauty, One Stroke at a Time

The Heart and Mind Behind the Craft

Meet Juariz, an 8x qualified master artist renowned for her transformative touch in the realm of permanent makeup. As a certified member of the Permanent Make Up Association of South Africa (PCASA), she upholds the highest industry standards. Juariz’s expertise isn’t confined to her artistry; she’s also a dedicated trainer, shaping the next generation of permanent makeup artists. With a degree in psychology, her passion for people shines through, adding depth to her work. Juariz’s journey is a fusion of art and empathy, creating not only beautiful faces but also uplifting spirits. Welcome to the essence of Juariz Aesthetics.


Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions? Give us a call, we will be happy to assist.

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, involves implanting pigments into the skin to enhance facial features, mimicking the look of makeup.

Absolutely! Your safety is our number one priority. We abide by all OSHA safety regulations. 

Yes, at an additional fee we offer one-on-one training options for those seeking a personalised and tailored learning experience. Our one-on-one training allows you to receive dedicated attention and guidance from our expert instructors. This format ensures that we can immediately address any individual challenges, and also receive immediate feedback on your progress. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced artist seeking to refine your skills, our one-on-one training provides a unique opportunity to accelerate your growth and excel in the field of permanent makeup. Contact us to discuss your specific training needs and explore the benefits of our personalized one-on-one training program

Discomfort varies among individuals. However, we only use medical grade numbing agents to ensure clients are comfortable and feel minimal to zero discomfort. 

Absolutely. Permanent makeup enhances your features and can be complemented by traditional makeup if desired.